TBSC is able to offer expert strategic consultancy in the following areas


TBSC can be utilised in any and all areas of a company or organisation. Existing companies often need strategic input in one area where the company is weak or struggling, but does not want to increase the headcount ie in areas such as marketing. Start-ups, in comparison will need input in a number of areas to help keep the overheads down thus not over burdening the cash flow in the early stages. Entrepreneurs often require input across the board to help get their project off the ground. TBSC is set up to provide strategic input at all levels and areas.  

  • Strategic Overview of a Company

  • Advise for Growth, Company Structure

  • Marketing Communication Campaigns – Local, National, International

  • Sales Strategies

  • Financial Structuring

  • Senior Executive Recruitment

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The role of a non-executive director is to help manage the company or business without being an executive board member or shareholder. Utilising the expert business acumen gained from their own business career, the non-exec takes on the role of policy making and planning, whilst mentoring the company and personnel.  Put in place, the non-exec is there to challenge the direction and performance of the company as well as its existing team.

Key areas of responsibility can be defined as total involvement or specific areas such as finance, sales, marketing, personnel structuring/recruiting, acquisition or sale of the business.

TBSC has the experience, Bahamian and international, to offer every sector expert guidance wherever it is required within a company or organisation.

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Ability to provide companies to come together, working closely to achieve the optimum levels of success. Often companies have an insular outlook and regard other companies as the opposition as opposed to a beneficial partner.

TBSC’s approach to B2BP is to look at each company’s individual proposition in which ever sector.   Confidentially approaching synergistically compatible potential partners with the end goal of developing and growing their business and ultimately, their profitability.

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Preparing a Business for Sale

TBSC has had the expertise of preparing 3 businesses for sale (Self-Owned businesses). There are many areas that are either highly confidential, where the proprietor is unwilling to release information, and the purchaser is unwilling to buy without it.  Due diligence is a complex matter and long-term guarantees/warranties are a mine field!  TBSC can smooth the process in order to make it easier for both parties to come to a satisfactory conclusion.  TBSC has close professional links with law firms and accountancy practices to involve at the right moment of sale.

Business Acquisition

As with preparing a business for sale, acquisition has an equal level of complex issues.  TBSC have the knowledge and expertise to address and handle these issues.

Prior to acquisition of any business, it’s viability and future dependability must be assessed. TBSC will provide a market study of the sector, the proposed acquisition’s position in that sector, it’s strengths and weaknesses, not just going forward, but the proposed purchase.  Once the acquisition has been decided upon, TBSC will handle the negotiation and process through accountants and lawyers, to the incorporation into the parent company.



TBSC offers a vast range of services designed to give the entrepreneur a head start and advantage when starting out on their venture, without adding to the head count or overhead. Listed are just some of the areas where TBSC can be of service. However, if it is just a quick chat to run through some ideas, our door is always open - we have been there and know just how diverse the need for expert advise can be.

  • Advise

  • Business Plans

  • Courses

  • Marketing

  • Sales and Marketing plans



Crisis/Risk management is a process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organisation’s capital and earnings. These crisis/risk threats can stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liability, tax liability, Government policy change, strategic management errors, accidents and natural disasters.

As, unfortunately Hurricane Dorian has shown, very few companies had a contingency plan in place, for a disaster on this scale. TBSC can provide pre and post crisis/risk management to enable a company to have a strategic way forward, affecting the ‘what if’s’ and ‘Plan B’.

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  • Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employment Confederation

  • Bahamas China Friendship Association

  • Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association

  • Bahamas Trade Association

  • The Institute of Marketing (UK)

  • The Wine and Spirit Education Trust

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