Steven Boon - Senior Partner

A Bahamian citizen with unparalleled experience in the business sector in both Europe and the Bahamas.  Steven has built up and sold 3 companies in the UK and Europe with offices in London, Copenhagen, Nassau, Reykjavik and Spain.

Steven has returned to live and work in the Bahamas, providing strategic consultancy at all levels in the business and government sectors.

A strong believer in pushing boundaries, lateral thinking and moving business forward, TBSC has been set up to provide expert consultancy for businesses and government in every area, be it start up, growth, and development, whether the company is Bahamian owned or an international company coming into the Bahamas.

Why Use TBSC

The whole purpose of a Strategic Consultant is the ability to be used on a short term tactical basis or long term strategic development basis, whilst being able to provide expertise gained from a successful business career, spanning all corporate disciplines to help grow, galvanise and develop, wherever needed.  TBSC has a passion for business and a keen desire to make it work.